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DevTodo – A command line PIM software

That's quite a useful way, But...

Introduce some PIM(person information manager) software, incluing Google Calendar, Office Project, TodoList and, Dev Todo.

DevTodo a command line program in linux and designed sepcifically for programmers. So I thought, it could be a choice but may not be the best for most people. If you just want make daily plans, I recommand you use TodoList.

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[IE BUG Coll.] GetElementById returns incorrect objects.

Oh, there is a bug.

This article is about the bug of GetElementById method in IE and Opera: The GetElementById method may return a DOM whose name attribute matchs the given id, even there is a element who have id.

This not happen all the times.

This article do NOT give a solution, you can google it by yourself.

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